Lil B thinks Peyton Manning is doing the cooking dance -

LeSean McCoy gathers ex-teammates for Chip Kelly Rejects photo

Lil B appreciates the particular support of the Broncos, so when we directory have discovered more than yesteryear year, the particular performer seems to have an enormous quantity associated with sway over the actual fortunes involving sports teams.

While Mannings motion has been likely not really a direct homage to the Bay Region rapper, his teammate, linebacker Brandon Marshall, definitely showed Lil B a few love in the program of the sport along with let everybody realize upon Twitter.

Peyton Manning helps make all sorts regarding hand motions in the actual program of an NFL game, nevertheless one in specific caught the actual eye of numerous NFL fans, such as the actual Based God himself, Lil B. That seems which certainly one of Peyton's moves resembles B's famed cooking dance, which in turn is becoming a popular sports celebration.



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